Video for Small Business

Video presents your business with a new opportunity for marketing. It has the ability to get millions of viewers worldwide. Imagine how this can benefit you. Perhaps you have a small to medium sized business and are wondering if video is right for you. If you use video for small business needs then you are bound to see an increase in subscribers and conversions.

I suspect you may have heard of a site called YouTube. This is a site now owned by Google and allows you to upload your video content. People around the world can then get the chance to view your video. YouTube runs second to Google now in the most popular search engines to use.

The advantage of small business video marketing does not only lie in its global reach. You will find video for small business purposes offers a low cost method of advertising.

All you need for producing good quality video content is a camcorder or some recording device. Also a computer is useful for editing the video content.

If you have an iPhone for example you will find it produces great high quality video content.

Before moving forward with video for small business, there are a few things to be aware of. Although we still use the computer to look at the internet and video, there are also other devices that have become popular. For example, smartphones and iPads are popular. More and more people are accessing the internet on the move these days.

Video marketing experts

No doubt you have a good marketing strategy already. If you want to enhance it further there are people who are capable of creating video for small business owners. This is quite useful for local internet marketing also.

A good strategy is to convert any static text sales pages you have into video sales pages. Articles and publications are other candidates for video content. You will be keeping ahead of your competitors by focussing on strategies like this. You can enlist various services to handle this kind of work for you.

This represents a great marketing strategy when creating video for small business purposes. You can use your video on blogs as well as YouTube in order to spread your message wide.

Sometimes it is better to let others with expertise in video content handle the work for you. This enables you to focus on other areas of your business while they work on creating your videos.

Video marketing tips

On YouTube you will find a variety of video content, some good, some not so good quality. More business owners are using small business video production in order to promote their product or services.

The great thing about YouTube is the massive worldwide audience it has. This is something you need to be a part of as you could be leaving sales on the table by not doing so. This has to be the best video marketing tool to take advantage of if using video for small business. There is no way you could have done this in the past.

Online video allows people to see what you have to offer. Educate and inform them about your products and reap the rewards as a result.

If you create a video for small business you will find it pays dividends for you. People who like your content are bound to come looking for your website. You can gain customers and make sales at the same time when you have more website traffic. Things are not so easy if you don’t.

It can be time consuming to write articles about your products. You need to deliver something that has value and is persuasive to customers. A better way is to convert that article to video content.

Creating video for small business will allow you to use your imagination to create something that has value and connects with your audience. It is not always necessary to show yourself on camera. You could just bring the article or sales page text into the video and narrate over the top. You can be persuasive and show your personality. This is much harder to do in plain old text sales copy.

You have a choice of video formats these days to choose from if you intend to create a video for small business. It is better to go for a camera that is able to record in MP4 or Mov format.

Ensure that it has a socket for an external microphone also as sometimes noise can be picked up from the camera motor. The inbuilt microphone cannot always handle this well. Read the reviews of the camera before investing in it though.

Alternatively, you could use a professional company to get the video made for you. They will be able to make a video for small business and will have the right camera, lighting, computer software etc.

It may be expensive to use a company for the work however, even though the results could be pretty good. Think carefully if you intend to do things this way.

If you want to try and keep online video production costs low then look for someone affordable. The truth is video for small business is affordable. The final output may be better than you expected and you may end up with the video for small business that you were expecting.

You don’t always need ultra-professional quality. I myself prefer to see a slightly amateurish approach as it seems more honest. What is the point of lots of dazzling effects if the video does not deliver on the important content?

Hopefully these tips will stand you in good stead in your video for small business strategy. Get involved with video and push your business ahead.


If your business has an online presence then you should be looking at what video can do for you. Think of the impact video for small business can have on your sales. Video sells things better than plain old text. We prefer to watch rather than read. If you can present visual content you will be branding yourself and getting future sales. Take a look at how best you can incorporate video in your marketing strategy today.