Fire Pits – An Alternative Means to Health and Fitness

Fire, one of the classical elements, has been a source of life since the two proverbial sticks were rubbed together to ignite the first flame. It was used by ancients civilizations to produce warmth in the winter, to keep animals away from camps at night, and to cook food as far back as 1.9 million years ago. Along with water, air, and earth, life as we know it could not be possible without fire. Using a fire pit allows us to take advantage of this powerful alternative life source to help us get on the right path to good health and fitness, on our own terms.Tai Chi, Yoga, and Reiki are ancient forms of exercise that are still practiced today. They combine the union of the body with the mind. Practicing these alongside a fire pit are said to help balance the chakras, which is believed to be a group of 7 centers of spirituality within the core of the body that interact with the rest of the body and mind. In addition, relaxing by a pit while watching the flames dance and feeling the warmth of its energy promotes deep breathing, which is the ideal breathing pattern for encouraging healing from within. These items are widely used during spiritual and religious ceremonies to represent the cleansing of the soul, the life giving energy of a live flame, and the transcendence and new life of the spirit. In some modern Catholic churches, members have the opportunity to list their sins on paper, present them to the clergy, do the recommended penance, and finally drop their list into the fire and watch as the paper burns, creating a visual representation of absolution of sin. Most cultures around the world believe that being relieved of the burden of guilt gives way to inner healing and personal growth, which leads to better mental health and physical fitness.Some variation of the fire pit has been in existence since the first spark was discovered. This old idea has been reinvented and popularized, allowing anyone with access to the outdoors to enjoy this life giving element in a controlled environment. The large variety of pits on the market offers consumers a vast assortment of shapes, colors, and styles to fit an individuals taste and personality. Their popularity has made them accessible to most budgets, so it’s no surprise that their use has gained popularity among those who seek alternative and traditional paths to health and fitness.